Chairman Message

LGT Private Banking proudly sponsors: TWGHs Charity Challenge Race


Dear well-wishers,

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals organized the first-ever Charity Challenge Race last year to raise funds for TWGHs Development Fund of the Kwong Wah Hospital Redevelopment Project. Over 1,000 participants have joined the Race and overcame various challenging obstacles symbolizing their support for the Kwong Wah Hospital Redevelopment Project, and injecting positive energy to the community.

This year, the Group will again organize the TWGHs Charity Challenge Race in the morning of 10 December 2017 (Sunday) at Lung Wo Road, Central with LGT Private Banking being the title sponsor. There will be 6 obstacles set up along the 2.5 km racecourse, making the race a fun-filled and exciting event. In addition, “Family and Friends Team” will be introduced this year to encourage players to participate in this meaningful event with their family and friends.

All direct expenses of the event have been sponsored by TWGHs Board of Directors and the Title Sponsor. No administrative cost will be deducted from the donations of the general public, ensuring all your donations go to the TWGHs Development Fund of Kwong Wah Hospital Redevelopment Project for provision of the advanced and diversified medical service. Please act now and show your support by returning the completed donation form on or before 3 November.  Let us work hand in hand for the benefit of the sick and poor.



(Dr. TSOI Wing Sing, Ken)
Organizing Committee Chairman
cum 2nd Vice-Chairman,
Board of Directors

(Dr. LEE Yuk Lun, JP)
Board of Directors


Organizing Committee Co-Chairman

Ms. Ginny MAN, 3rd Vice-Chairman

Organizing Committee Members

Mr. TAM Chun Kwok, Kazaf, 4th Vice-Chairman
Mr. MA Ching Yeung, Philip, 5th Vice-Chairman
Mr. WAI Ho Man, Herman, Director
Mr. HO Yau Kai, Orlando, Director
Ms. YAN Zi, Director
Mr. MO Yu Fung, Billy, Director
Mr. TSUN Kok Chung, Richard, Director